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Meet Kesha 

Master Reiki Healer & Intuitive

God is the ultimate source of energy and is energy itself. We are not separate from the Divine. Awakening is when you empty the old consciousness and open your eyes to what truly is. I am grateful for the love that surrounds me everyday of my life. Here I am working in my purpose fully aware of the assignment Spirit has given to me.  If you found me, this is the start of your journey back to your Highest Self.  I want you to know that this is just the beginning of your spiritual awakening and welcome home. 


My name is Kesha and I am a Master reiki energy healer and I found reiki as a way to heal myself and my heart after years of being in toxic patterns. I also was made aware during my healing journey that the lack of accountability was a major factor to why I allowed myself to be in connections that didn't honor my highest self. Energy Healing has been present as long as humans have existed.  It does not belong to one person.  It wasn't founded by one person, but is an innate ability that lives within. Reiki is the connection to the heavenly light and to the Divine.


What I learned on my journey is that every since I was a little girl I held the ability to feel energy. I am a natural energy healer and the name reiki is just that, a name. Energy healing is a tool that will affect change within oneself.  You are not alone as I wasn't alone.  We are always co-creating our lives with Spirit. I use energy healing daily as a practice for my overall health and well being and it is changing my life and the lives of others for the better. Energy healing has been an experience that has shown me that love comes from within as God intended.  Once I acknowledged that, the journey has pushed me to a version of myself that will always put the love within as my priority.  


No matter what happens on your path, remember that you are doing nothing wrong. I am so grateful that you were guided to me. I love what I do and honor your journey as well as my own.  Welcome to your new beginning!


Reiki & Intuitive Guidance

Meet Amelia

The Five Principles of Reiki

Just for today, I forgive all sources of anger.

Just for today, I release all worry.

Just for today, I live with gratitude.

Just for today, I am kind to all living things.

Just for today, I am honest in all that I do. 

Why Naturopathy

Why Energy Healing?

It can help with

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Image by Masaaki Komori

Treat Symptoms of Disease, Anxiety & Depression

I have treated clients for autoimmune disease, heart disease, anxiety, depression and a host of other ailments.  Reiki gets to the root cause of the disease and helps to decrease and treat any symptoms associated.  Clients have expressed decrease in symptoms, feeling of sadness and pain.

Clear Toxic & Stagnant Energies

If you are exposed to emotional or physical trauma, external toxins, infections, poor diet and overworked, these are causes of stagnant energy.  Reiki will help clear this energy and help you feel renewed by clearing out old, blocked and stagnant energies. 

Boost Immunity

External and internal stressors affect immunity. Reiki aids in feeling calm and peaceful, which supports a balance in the functioning of the immune system. 

Balancing Rocks

Enhance Intuition

Reiki is divine light energy that connects you to your higher self.  When you are connected to this heavenly light, you have the ability to connect to your intuition. The more reiki received, the more your intuition is strengthened. 

Promotes Balance & Relieves Stress

Reiki is a relaxation modality that lessens the impact of daily stressors.  Reiki will help one intentionally create peace within oneself. 

Offers Unconditional Love

Reiki is the feeling of unconditional love. By enhancing your life with reiki, you enhance a greater feeling of love than ever experienced. 



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