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What is Mirror Work

One of my daily practices is mirror work.  Mirror work requires focused attention to gazing into a mirror at yourself while boldly and confidently stating affirmations to yourself.  Studies have shown that consistent mirror work aids in shifting from perspectives of self in a positive way as well as self development.  I use this form of healing and self development as a way to affirm who I know I am and how I show up in this world. Confidently affirming yourself is life changing with consistency and discipline. I call is self love :)

What is Breathe Work

Daily breathe work is essential in calling back your power after daily external exposure to various energies that are not your own.  Intentional breathe work is associated with heightened awareness of releasing those energies with visualization and breathing. Visualize your body releasing all of the energy from that day.  Allow yourself to be free. Breath work has been proven to enhance the emotional, mental and physical state after consistent use and has been practiced for thousands of years to release toxins and stress while breathing in new light of energy. It nourishes and heals us in many ways from boosting the immune system, calming the mind while creating relaxation and peace. The great thing about breathe work is that you can implement it as practice at any time of your day specific to your needs. God's medicine is free. 

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